Student Accommodation in Ireland

How to search for student accommodation in Ireland

Once you have finalised your course and college then comes the biggest struggle and that is finding accommodation that too in your budget in Ireland. This is specially for International students as they have only one source i.e. online search. We are not scaring you here that you won't find place to live or you will have to go back etc etc. We are just trying to make the search easy for you and guide you how you should start your search.

The truth is YES , its not easy to find place in Ireland and specially if you are not physically present here. You end up searching through Internet or various sites and keep mailing them but in return you rarely get any response. The landlords or letting agents only provides the place for rent once they meet the tenant in person and to some extent they are doing the right thing. Every landlord would like to first meet the tenant and then decide if he or she is the right fit for the place or not. And this becomes a great problem for the international students since they can't physically come for the viewing. Here is the link from "The Journal" whose study showed that either student are not able to afford or they end up paying more than the average rent due to housing crisis.

Link- .

The most searched three websites in Ireland are , and for housing needs. There are various filters and based on that you can search as per your need. On every listing you can find the details of the landlord and you can try reaching them through phone or email id. If you are lucky then you might get a place here even without viewing else keep on trying.

There are college hostels or villages for every college and that' s the most safest option since you don't have to come and you can pay the fees for the hostel sitting at your place and trust us college hostels are great here and you will have a great time if you have booked one. 

But again everyone is not lucky to get hostels as it gets filled very fast and also sometimes student don't prefer since it's an expensive option. There are other hostels also available apart from college like , , ,, , , and many more. 

The other options for booking your stay and with best services are and These two companies are doing very well in Ireland and they have a good amount of listings and you can book your accommodation using their websites. But they do not guarantee that the one you chose will be booked for you. They take a month's deposit from you and then they contact the landlord and if the landlord is okay then they book it on your behalf else they will return your money within 7 days. Students find it risky since they ask for upfront payment. Anyway it will be your choice but yes there is a charge for this service and they include it in your rent.

Our suggestion will be start looking for accommodation as soon you get admission and you can also join facebook page like ,,,  There are many pages or groups on facebook which can help you based on your need.

Other than above options, you can also let us know what is your requirement by sending us mail or contact us through our website We will review your requirements and can find your accommodation by viewing it on your behalf. We will send you the picture/video of your accommodation and then will book it after you say Yes. And above all and most important the service will be free. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Good luck for your future.

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Find your safe accommodation in Ireland- International Students

Find your safe accommodation in Ireland- International Students