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If you love what you are doing, you may want to continue your studies for their own sake. In fact, having a passion for your subject is possibly the best reason to go into higher studies, as long as you have a sensible idea of where it might lead you professionally once you have finished. Having high hopes and expectations, we also came to Ireland to pursue Masters in ireland and now feeling proud to say that we successfully graduated in the year 2018. Other than the MS degree, this move of higher studies gave us a vision to help everyone coming for higher studies to Ireland in all possible ways.

Good Luck to you :) #career counseling #study abroad

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Team of "WE"


The team at Masters in Ireland are actually the students who either has graduated from Ireland or they are still studying.

We feel your problems and that's why we give you the best solution related to study abroad.

Our Fees/Charges


Take us out on a coffee date when you actually arrive here and that's it.

So basically we are free............

Hope to see you soon in Ireland.#career counseling #masters in ireland #study abroad

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Every counsellor or consultants take care of the processes starting from your GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT preparation till landing of you in college, which includes writing and helping in SOPs LORs application filling, financial docs, visa interview, and scholarships process everything. And then finally you are all set to go abroad.

What happens next?

You reach the destination excited but then at the same time nervous and lonely. You don’t get proper accommodation or any kind of help in the new country. Either you end up digging a big hole in your budget pocket by booking temporary accommodations like Airbnb/hotels/hostels etc or you get cheated by the local brokers or owners. Not only this you start to find part-time jobs or any kind of income sources and your struggle starts here. Based on past experiences, it's not very easy for Indians or Asians to cope up with the new environment and people. There are other stuffs like Multientry, Stamps, Visas, GNIB card, PPS number etc which is utmost important here and nobody gives the right information about study abroad.

We, which includes students from all major colleges (UCD, TCD, UCC, UL, NUI, NCI, DCU, DIT, LYIT) are a team here who helps students coming from different nationalities in everything and makes you feel safe and secure here in Ireland. And most importantly we don’t charge anything hefty in euros as we understand its value. we are here for your career counseling and help you doing your masters in ireland.